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We Work With All Women!

A Confidence Building Experience for Women.  Every Woman Is Beautiful!

You Are Beautiful!   No Matter Your Size, Age, Shape or Ethnicity! Do It For Yourself!

We know you are nervous, that is so normal before your session!

We Also Know From Experience That After The Only Regret Will Be That You Didn't Do It Sooner!

Don't let the image that you have built of yourself cage you in. I know you want to see how beautiful and sexy you are too! I promise, I've got you every step of the process!

I am Valerie Visser, the boudoir photographer in Upstate New York that everyone is chatting about! I am ecstatic to be doing the work I love in a beautiful studio in our college town of Potsdam, NY. I am a Mom of 3 amazing girls, grandma to 2 sweet handsome little boys and the wife of my very supportive and loving husband.

My passion for boudoir photography grew from a hobby many years ago, into a career I cherish, which allows me to empower women by providing each client with a unique experience. Many have told me how it has led to a huge positive change in them and how they live their lives. Transforming you on a deeper level, other than your outer beauty and restoring a renewed sense of self confidence to you is my ultimate goal, no matter what stage you are at in life! I think in some ways I need this work in my life. It is part of who I was meant to be, I was meant to make a positive difference in women's lives.

I treat my clients in a way that makes them feel welcome, pampered, and beautiful, with the ability to find joy in their own unique beauty! I provide them with more than amazing portraits. Through my art, and a luxe experience I want to bring you beyond any negative feelings you may have about yourself - whatever that is in your mind that has left you not feeling like the amazing woman you truly are. I want to support your transition into knowing the beautiful, strong woman that you have been hiding deep down inside.

Take the leap out of your comfort zone and do this for YOU! 

We've got you and that is a promise!