2017 Valerie Visser Photography Boudoir Ambassador Application - Potsdam NY Boudoir Photographer
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Sunday, November 12, 2017
By Valerie Visser
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Boudoir Beauties Application

Applications accepted only until the 4 positions are filled.

***Please read the entire description form below as incomplete applications will not be accepted.***


Successful applicants will be required to sign a full model release allowing me to use the images for marketing anywhere and everywhere as needed. If you are selected, you will be required to pay a $100 Session Retainer Fee, this will be credited back to you as a print credit off of any product or package you purchase at the time of your viewing and ordering meeting that will take place within one to 2 weeks following your session. This cannot be redeemed for cash and if you do not wish to purchase anything at the time of your viewing and ordering meeting you will lose your booking credit. The session fee is also non refundable.






I am so excited that you are here, good luck!!!


If chosen to be a Boudoir Beauty you will receive:

* Bragging rights!

* A complimentary 2 hour boudoir photo session and/or video marketing session valued at $400

* Professional hair and makeup styling

* You will gain *renewed sex appeal and confidence within yourself!

* You will have the opportunity to purchase gorgeous products of yourself from your session.

* You will have special privileges in our exclusive Facebook group for your time as an ambassador with all of the Boudoir Beauties.

* You will also be a member in the VVP Ambassador Private FaceBook group! Where you will find out about contests, events, extra incentive earning opportunities and more!!

* You will have monthly challenges where you can win prizes and I will host fun events just for the Boudoir Beauties!

* Each month you will be invited to participate in contests to a be the subject in this years ambassador creative sessions.

* You'll receive cards to promote your experience with me and to get the ladies who you are referring discounts on their own session.

* For each referral you send my way who schedules their session, you will immediately earn/receive $50 in CASH!

* Your Viewing & Ordering appointment to decide if you would like to purchase products and to receive your advertising images.

* You will have access to my on-line client lounge.

* You will have access to my exclusive client lingerie closet and shoe shelf!

* The experience to be a model for a day!

* If you are chosen as a Valerie Visser Photography Boudoir Ambassador you will be representing my studio for the remaining months of the 2017 calendar year period by promoting your images to your friends, family acquaintances, anyone you wish to strike up a conversation with and talk to about your amazing experience at my studio. During this year you will earn $50 for every referral that books a boudoir session with Valerie Visser Photography.

* When your 10th referral books you will earn a $200 bonus!

* When your 20th referral books you will earn a $400 bonus!



* To apply, you must be over 21 years of age to apply for the boudoir beauty position (studio policy).

* You are: Shamelessly confident and you want to tell everyone about this experience and share your portraits!! The images from your session will be posted on my blog, social media accounts, website and in other areas as deemed necessary. Signing a full model release is required. Please talk with your partner if this might be a problem.

There will be a stipulation in your contract that spells this out and that also will explain if you change your mind at any point that you will be billed for and are willing to pay the full session retainer fee of $300 as well as the $100 product credit.

* You are an advocate in supporting and empowering all women and truely believe that every woman is beautiful right in the present moment. You are willing to encourage other women in celebrating their beauty in our private Facebook group, on your social media accounts and other places where you decide!

* You are willing to write a couple of paragraphs for your blog post after your session describing your boudoir experience.

* Willingness to be my muse: I have creative control for your session as well as the creative ambassador sessions. I will be using these sessions to try new video, lighting and posing techniques so my artistic vision will guide your session/sessions.

* You must have both, a strong social media presence and be outgoing. I want the Valerie Visser Photography Boudoir Portraiture name out there so I will be expecting you to share your images on your social media accounts and to shout about your amazing experience from the roof tops!!

* You maintain a professional presence on social media.

* Must be willing to share your images and videos through a digital app to your friends and/or through social media.

* The only fee to be a VVP Boudoir Ambassador is a $100 booking fee. This fee is gifted back to you if you choose to place a portrait product order at your viewing and order appointment to use towards prints and products. This cannot be redeemed for cash and if you do not wish to purchase anything at your viewing and ordering meeting you will lose your booking credit. * You may use an established PayPal Credit account, Cash, Credit or Debit Card for payment at that time.








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Jessica - Here's to hoping to being a chosen one :) p
Rachel - Hello Valerie!
I have thought very carefully about some of the strong reasons for applying for this position - all of which I have included in my form. I certainly hope that it's not too late to be considered and look forward to hearing more from you in the future.
Many Blessings,
The English Rose
Valerie Visser - Thanks Cheyenne!!
Cheyenne - I think I forgot to leave a comment here...but I've got my fingers crossed! :)
Lindsey major - Should be all set
Valerie Visser - Thanks Sarah!!
Sarah Huto - I really hope to be working with you and promoting your business! Here's to a prosperous 2017!
Valerie Visser - Good Luck!! :)
Brittany Allen - I truly hope I get selected
Valerie Visser - We'll see!! :)
Christina B Harper (Tina ) - Pick me !!
Valerie Visser - Aw!! Thanks Kathy!! I think it will be!! I am excited to be finally starting this program!!
Valerie Visser - Thank-you for your kind words Katelyn!! I love what I do!! I am so happy to hear that I have inspired you!! <3
Valerie Visser - That is so great to hear!!
Valerie Visser - Aw Kerri!! That s great to hear that you are so happy and you have the support of so many people!! Tell them that is they schedule with me that they should let me know they found me through you!! You will get a referral credit!! Your portraits were amazing!!!
Valerie Visser - I want everyone woman to know how beautiful they really are!!
Nance Arquiett - Such a great opportunity!
Kerri Wells - With Valerie and her wonderful experience she gave me with my session, left me bragging to all my family and friends and coworkers. Now all of them or asking me questions and they can't wait to see my photos. Now every time I see them they asked me about my photos. They are excited for me and most of them talk about wanting to do a session now. I think it's really fun to see them get so excited over my excitement and my happiness from doing Valerie's boudoir.
Valerie Visser - Thank-you Pamela!! I love what I do!!
Valerie Visser - You are welcome Destiny. I appreciate your kind words!
Valerie Visser - Thanks Lindsey!! You head to one of the posts on my Instagram @valeries_boudoir and in your comment there, in with your wording you include their Instagram usernames :) Good Luck
Valerie Visser - Aww!! Thank-you Katie!! I loved working with you too!! Yes! I can not wait to see your wall art piece!!
Katie Richardson - I am so excited by such an amazing opportunity for anyone to do this with you! I absolutely loved my first session with you and am already looking forward to the next one! That wall art needs to come in soon so I can show myself off in my bedroom XXOO
Valerie Visser - Kayla, that's great!!! Me too!!
Valerie Visser - Alyssa, thank-you for your kind words!! And I was so happy to work with you! You are very welcome and you rocked your session!!
Valerie Visser - You are more than welcome Lisa!!
Valerie Visser - Of course Amanda!! You are very welcome!! I am excited to see so many supportive ladies!
Valerie Visser - Of course Julie Ann!!
Valerie Visser - Thank-you Alyssa!!I love your support!!
Lindsey major - Good luck ladies I'm not sure how to tag people to your instagram though help!!!
Alyssa Cutler - So excited to see something like this going on! Good luck to all the ladies whom applied, remember; you're beautiful no matter what!
Valerie Visser - Yes Andrea, My thoughts exactly!
Destiny LeFevre - I just want to thank you for the opportunity and thank you for your amazing job with what you udo for others! It's truely inspiring! And... YEAH! I'm hopefully done with all the steps!
Pamela Mitchell - Love looking at all your work you inspire me!
Destiny LeFevre - I'm so excited and looking forward to this opportunity! Thank you and I hope to hear from you! I will definitely be working with you in the future either way!!
Andrea - I think its amazing what you do for women. and i think it's great that you are looking to sponsor women to empower other women! We as women need to stop body shaming ourselves and others! Be confident in who you are and rock what you have!
Katelyn I. McDonald - I will sending a full body picture later this evening as I'm not sure if I have a recent one of me or not. But I at least wanted to get the application in first. Thank you for understanding and for giving an opportunity like this. I think it's amazing how you inspire and really help women just fall in love with themselves exactly how they are now. I think it's very important and it has certainly helped inspire and push me. Thank you.
Kathy Sharp - This simply sounds like a wonderful and fun experience!
Kayla Elizabeth Maroney - Sooooooo excited! Xxoo <3
Alyssa Moore - You are truly gifted! Thank you for giving me my confidence back.
Lisa Nehm - Thanks for the awesome opportunity, Valerie! :)
Amanda Herber - Thank you so much for the opportunity to empower other women and represent your beautiful work!
Valerie Visser - Thank-you for applying Kaylin!
Valerie Visser - Thank-you for applying Brittany!
Valerie Visser - That is the goal for sure! Thank-you for applying!
JulieAnn Wilson - ❤️Thank you for the opportunity you have provided for us all!! ❤️
Good Luck ladies!!'
Valerie Visser - Thank-you so much Autumn!! <3
Janna Crosby - I am beyond excited for the chance to help all women feel beautiful and hopefully more comfortable in their own skin.
Autumn heffernan - My first time seeing your blog! You truly are a blessing to have in the area, looking forward to hopefully working with you soon!
Kaylin Marie - My picture will be emailed first thing in the morning! Super excited to find out who wins!
Brittany-Fay - I will be so happy if I get chosen and am looking forward to hearing from you!