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Wednesday, October 26, 2016
By Valerie Visser
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I am creating this blog post to remind you that when you are hard on yourself, it can really lower your self confidence. So Many of us only focus on what we consider to be our flaws! We list reasons of why we can't do something that we know deep down we really want to do! When what we really all need to do, is take more chances and do things that we are maybe a little bit uncomfortable with. Do more of the things that we are also afraid of because we might fail at them. In the end you most likely won't fail and when that happens, it is amazing!

Not too long ago one of my clients told me how much her session changed the way she felt about herself. Part of what was a little surprising to me was the fact that she brought this up at her viewing and ordering meeting before she even laid eyes her portraits! The secondary part was that the change was pretty much immediately after her session! After a day or so, I thought I can not let this pass! The women that I come into contact with here in upstate New York through my Boudoir Photography, need to hear about her experience and how much it changed her level of confidence! They need to hear how it has changed the way she is now moving forward through her everyday to continue to take care of her own self confidence! So, I asked her if she would write a few paragraphs for me about her experience and what she had told me. And I am so happy to say, she agreed!

Meet this beautiful lady, - Miss A

In her own words :


I was scrolling through Facebook, as I find myself doing too often, when I saw a casting call for one of the pages I follow. I have been curious about this page, and was curious about doing a photo shoot with Valerie as well. But it was a boudoir shoot. And I am not a size 2. But all of her pictures are so beautiful and well shot that regardless of who the model was, they looked gorgeous. So I applied to the casting call thinking that I wouldn't get picked anyway, although I found myself eagerly checking my email a few times daily.

I got the email a few days later that I had been chosen, and to schedule a time that I would like to have the photos done. Fast forward a couple weeks and some lingerie shopping later I was getting my hair done at a salon and I was pretty nervous. I was pretty certain that I would be the first one to have no photos turn out decent. I didn't have much self esteem, being a bigger girl and hearing harsh comments had taken its toll on me, I am very self conscious.

Once my hair was all done I headed to the studio and was met at the door by Valerie, and I felt a lot more at ease. Once I got more comfortable I sat down and had my makeup done. I tried to go outside my comfort zone with everything from my nails, the outfits I chose for the session, and how I had my makeup done. I was BLOWN AWAY with how fabulous I looked once the makeup artist was finished. I was starting to feel better.

I got changed into my first outfit and headed out to the setup to have the first few pictures shot. As the camera was clicking and I was changing positions I was still nervous I wouldn't get the amazing outcomes of all the previous models. after a few shots were taken I got to see them on the back of the camera and I didn't recognize myself, well I mean it was me on the camera but not how I pictured myself on a daily basis. I looked good. Far better than I ever expected. And it was me. I relaxed at this point and had so much fun with the rest of the shoot. I wasn't self conscious, and I was myself and looked amazing in the pictures.

I learned that regardless of how hard I am of myself, I am beautiful. The weekend after my shoot I was invited out for a boat ride on the Saint Lawrence River and I love being on the water. I wanted to go swimming while I was on the boat and was trying to decide on a swimsuit to wear. I had a choice of a one piece or a bikini I hadn't worn in a few years. The weather was beautiful and I knew that many people would be out enjoying it. I was going to go with the one piece, until I remembered how I felt after my photos were taken. I went with the bikini, and I even went swimming when we pulled up to the sand bar and it was full of people. I didn't care if they were judging me for what I was wearing, I felt good about myself and had fun. This was all because I took a chance on a boudoir shoot that I didn't think I would get. Thank you to Valerie and the rest of her team for letting me see my beauty and making me challenge my thoughts about myself. Everyday I try to do one thing that takes me out of my comfort zone and everyday I feel more confident!

I have to say a huge THANK-YOU back at you ~ Miss A for sharing something that is so important to all ladies!!


Is there something that you've been wanting to? Do that something today! Even if it is just one small step towards something bigger

that you have been thinking about! You will be so happy that you did this for yourself!!



Take a step today!

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