I Want You To Love Yourself!
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Thursday, January 18, 2018
By Valerie Visser-Potsdam NY Women's Empowerment Photographer
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Do you really, truly love yourself?

So many women come to me and they are not happy with their body. That it is heart breaking. 

What is your first thought when you look at yourself in the mirror? Is it, "I'm beautiful, sexy, attractive, enchanting"? . . . NO? Why is that? Is it because you don't look like someone who, in your mind, has a "perfect" body? What is “perfect” and who are you to decide that? Unless you have an identical twin, you should NOT look like anyone, but you! Even identical twins are not exactly the same, because they are still individuals, just as you are. You are supposed to look like you, walk like you, talk like you. And what’s so marvelous is that there is only one you! 

As I said, many women come to me with these negative thoughts and views of themselves. I know it takes a lot of courage for them to take the leap, and schedule a session where they are going to get down to their lingerie in front of me and my camera. My phenomenal client that is on the blog today is no different. Her session helped her to see the beauty that others see in her, so much that she has not only allowed me to share her portraits, but she wanted to tell her story to encourage others to do this for themselves!


"I have always been outgoing and confident on outside so the most part and I liked myself, but I didn't love the way I looked. It took me forever to have a session but then I took the leap. Best thing I ever did for myself.  I did the session mostly for me, but figured my boyfriend would warm up to it and enjoy them.  He joked he could take my pics and thought it was silly for me to do...My boyfriend now loves all my pictures. 

The day of the session I was a hot mess and a ball of nerves. Excited but scared. As soon as I saw a pic on camera I took a deep breath and let myself have fun.  The day of my viewing I couldn't believe it was me.  This session has made me more confident and love myself.  I can see myself how others see me now.  I love every single portrait and hate that I had to leave some behind.  

Now I find myself buying lingerie thinking of my next session and I show my pics off any chance I get and encourage all my friends to get a session done.  I can see myself as beautiful and sexy now, and I look in the mirror and smile. I think it's made me more confident and happy which makes me a better girlfriend. 
Thanks to this session I found the old me that's confident and in love with myself."  Miss J

There are many things you can do to help empower yourself, from applying for that job you have been wanting, to taking the steps to buying your first house… doing anything that you have a fear of, and taking the steps towards going for it anyway! My boudoir experience is very much like that. And not only will you feel empowered, you will be a step closer to truly loving yourself! Celebrate you, as you are right now! You are especially unique!! I love that about every one of my clients!

If you are afraid, do it anyway! It will change your life!




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The makeup on my stunning client is the work of Sara Laughing

Hairstyling is by The Hair Studio Day Spa

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Valerie Visser - Thank-you Shannon! I love that I am able to do this for women. I am glad this post was inspirational for you! The bulk of women struggle with these insecurities. Little by little, one by one I want to help them. Good for you for being positive in your own views of yourself. It is a struggle for sure! Keep it up!
Shannon - I am glad for the inspiration that this story has brought forth. We are all perfectly flawed and who we are what we feel on the inside should always be reflected on the outside! I myself have issues with the extra few pounds from the steroids I have had to take to save my life and not be in pain but I love myself and try to approach every situation as a new door that can be opened with positive attitudes and attributes thank you to all the women who share their bios and their stories and of course a big thanks to Valerie for showing them that they are all as beautiful on the outside as they are on the inside!