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Monday, August 01, 2016
By Valerie Visser
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I have been thinking about this for a while now and I want to say thank-you to my clients who have had a boudoir session with me have told your friends, family and others about me and your experience with me and they have in return scheduled their own boudoir session. 

I have had many ladies who have told their friends about their experience working with me, and sent them for a session and my new client is not only over the top happy with their portraits, they are also so thankful for having been exposed to the experience! They are out there back in their day to day lives with a feeling of renewed confidence, ... the " Damn I'm sexy" feeling! So, thank-you for telling them how a boudoir experience with me can be so empowering and fun! Sometimes I feel like a broken record, but I really believe it! We are all beautiful here and now, no matter who you, what you've done, been through or you are now facing! You are beautiful always! Because I am so happy that more ladies are getting to live the experience of a boudoir session and see how beautiful they are, I want to thank those of you who are making it possible for them. Without you they may have never heard about any of this!

This brings me to the unveiling so to speak of my client referral program! Receiving a referral from one of my clients is a huge compliment! To know that you loved your boudoir experience with me and your portraits that much is a big deal! In return, I want to do something special! I have decided that I wanted to have a referral program!

 This is how it works!

1. After the lady that you refer to me has her session and her session premiere and ordering meeting, you will either:

        A) Receive a complimentary credit of $50 on your payment plan for your portrait product balance, or...

        B) If you do not have a portrait product payment plan balance, you will receive your choice of a $50 gift card from one of my preferred vendors.

You can see my preferred vendors page here(clickable link).

2. The new person you refer to me will receive a $50 portrait product credit from their total order at their session premiere and ordering meeting! 

       AND.... You can refer an unlimited number of ladies! Potentially you could have your portrait products totally paid for by your referral credits!

You both get a complimentary gift! 

So, if you do decide to send one of your family members or friends or any ladies that you know to see me for their boudoir experience, be sure to have them tell me that you         sent them, or mention you when they fill out my contact form! I will note this on their account, so that you will get your gift and she will get hers! 

Thank-you again, for allowing me to show more ladies how beautiful they are right now!

( The referral program does not apply to casting call clients, portrait product credits are not redeemable for cash or other credit. ) 



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