We are sharing this album for all the ladies who say they are not:____photogenic,beautiful, sexy etc . . . ___

(fill in the blank) Or that they don't have the confidence.

All of these women had some fears and concerns going into their session too . . . It is scary I am not going to lie!

But I can tell you that not one women has had regrets and didn't love the images I created of her!

You deserve to love yourself too! ❤

We all have some inspiration. Where does yours come from? 

I get much of mine from my clients!

Seeing them come into the studio to meet me that first time and most are sooo nervous! They really want to have a session, want to see how beautiful and sexy they really are. But, at the same time, they are still not really convinced that their images will turn out as amazing as all of the other women's that they have seen.

Yet, they push through! Through that sometimes overwhelming fear!

Then comes their session day! Still they are anxious, maybe even more so for some. But they start to settle as we all chat as their makeup is applied.

Finally it's camera time! Again the nerves crop back up! That is until I show her the back of the camera after the first couple of clicks! Then I see that sigh of relief and the excitement in her eyes knowing we are just starting and that there will be more!

You see life is that way! 
I can not tell you how many times I have had to and still do have fears that want to jump in there and take over. I have to consciously stop them.

You have to push through the hard stuff to get to the good stuff on the other side! Fear can take a hold of you and start to run your decisions, your choices, and ultimately your life. You are so much stronger than that fear. Take charge and make the decisions/choices in life that you really want!