WHO will be at my session, and who will see my portraits? I am nervous:

                When you first arrive at my studio I will be there along with my make-up artist Sara. After she is finished with make-up she will leave and for the rest of your time in the studio it is just the two of us. Once we narrow down your wardrobe selection, we will begin.

                Being nervous is very normal! I would say that all most all of my clients are nervous! Once we begin your session and you see how detailed I am about where I place everyone of your body parts and when you see your beautiful self on the back of my camera you will quickly get past your nervousness! I promise you I have your back! You WILL be surprised!!

                You and I will be the only people that see any of your portraits! This is for you and about you and I want you to know your time and portraits with me are completely confidential. Some clients do decide to allow me to share their portraits and it is a very specific process. I record the file number or numbers that they give me permission to share and that is all I ever share. If you choose to keep your portraits totally private I completely understand and respect your decision.

WHERE will my session take place?

             Typically, sessions take place at my natural light studio in Northern New York, in the town of Potsdam, NY in a lovely historic red sandstone building that was recently remodeled. It inspires me with each new session, from the original hardwood floors to the old architecture that shows in the spacious high ceilings to the gorgeous 12 foot high arched windows which allow an abundance of natural light to pour in even on the cloudy days. If you would like to have your session elsewhere we should discuss this prior to scheduling your session.

WHEN should I schedule my session?

             This really depends on what you need for the most part, other than that I am typically scheduled a month or more ahead. If you would like your portrait products by a certain date, I suggest that you schedule your consultation at least 8-10 weeks prior to that date, with your session following very soon after.

WHAT do I need to do for my session?

            Honestly I hope that you need to do very little! To start fill out my contact form. Once I hear from you I will email you a link to schedule your complimentary phone consultation. During that call we cover all of the details, if you are comfortable with me and want to move forward, we will schedule your session. From what to wear, how to prep, what to bring, how to pose, I will even help you decide how you might like your hair and make-up artist styled. You will also have access to the client lounge where there is a plethora of information to help you with all you need. I will be there for every step throughout your boudoir experience with me, just an email or phone call away!

WHY do women want to do this type of session?

           Women do these sessions for themselves! The boudoir experience that I offer is very empowering and for that reason, life changing! We all should feel sexy and beautiful because we all are!Some women want to have a boudoir session to create a heirloom gift for their significant other or husband, although I find it is still for them on some level. Which is wonderful! Many want to have the whole experience just for themselves. Some are Mom's who want to feel they are still sexy after having their children, or have come from a bad relationship that has left them feeling undesirable, there are many reasons. In the end, for me, it is for my client. A fun session with me leaves them feeling  a renewed sense of self-confidence! I want this for every women! We are all beautiful as we are right now!I truly believe this! Contact me today, so I can show YOU!


What are my clients saying? 


Are you ready to do this for yourself girl? Fill out our contact form here so that we can chat and start planning your amazing session!