I know you want to see how gorgeous & sexy you are and I will show you!

Investing in yourself is priceless!

The Boudoir VVP Session Retainer Fee is $350.

All Digital Files, and Portrait Products are purchased separately.


The $350 Session Reatiner includes:

  • Your pre-session consultation
  • Wardrobe styling advice
  • Access to the studio wardrobe closet and shoes
  • Professional hair and makeup
  • Your 3+ hour experience including 60 minute portrait session and 3 wardrobe changes
  • Your viewing and ordering meeting


Every woman deserves to feel empowered, confident, beautiful and sexy. I know many if not every woman is fearful of the thought of their own boudoir session. That is exactly why you should do it! Or you should do anything else that you know you really want to do or accomplish that you are afraid of failing at or feel that you don't have enough confidence for. I truly believe that is how you get past your fears! 

The more you take on your fears the stronger you will become! This is priceless! I am here for you! Your cheerleader if you will! Putting yourself first is one of the best decisions you can make. Once you start to invest in yourself, then you can you can truly invest in and support your loved ones. So many clients have come back and told me their boudoir experience with me has changed everything for them! When you feel empowered and confident it comes through in everything you do! In each of the rolls you play as a woman, a mother, a wife/girlfriend, a co-worker or boss! 

YOU DECIDE and I will support you! That is my promise to each of my clients!

I'll be here to hold your hand along the way. I'm on this adventure with you. Let's help each other to show others (and most importantly yourself) that it's completely okay to love yourself, to feel confident, and to be beautiful. Taking care of yourself is priceless!

A Boudoir Session with me will change the way you see yourself, make you feel beautiful and empowered, and will provide you with the most gorgeous photographs of yourself you have ever seen. 

Celebrate yourself! Schedule a call with Valerie today for more information and to start planning your own incredible boudoir session!