I am blessed and forever thankful to work with so many amazing women here in Northern NY, all of NY and even to have clients coming from Southern Ontario Canada as well as others from out of state!



What some of my clients had to say about working with me.

Miss A  said: 

"She made me feel super comfortable. One of my favorite things was she turned the camera around to show me what the pictures we were getting looked like. It was amazing, completely different from photos of myself I was used to seeing. I remember saying to her, "wow these photos are really beautiful." Her response was, "that's because who I am taking photos of is very beautiful." I was much more comfortable after that because she truly made me feel beautiful.

Be open, trust the photographer, she knows what she's doing. Also if you are nervous in the beginning that's totally normal, have her show you a photo or two and you will calm your nerves and turn into a pro.

This will completely boost your self esteem and provide you with not only a better self Image but a better mindset.

I feel Gorgeous in my own skin.

The images and quality are stunning. My boost in self esteem is worth more than the value I paid for my Portraits."  



Miss H said:

"This may sound funny but I was afraid that even if my body looked right from being posed that my face would look funny haha. Obviously some of the pictures were candid and funny but with guidance Valerie helped me with what to do with my expression.

I think the comfort level that you promote while in the studio is impressive and it is obvious that women of all shapes and sizes and ages should feel comfortable working with you.

I feel awesome and like I am looking at someone else! They make me feel confident and sure of my body.

Do it! You wont regret it and Valerie will make sure you are happy with the finished product!

It is ok to be nervous! But just know that you will do wonderfully and will be happy with the finished product! Also vocalize to Val that you are nervous because she can help! It is absolutely worth it and she will work with you to make a finished product that you will love and have forever. It was a great reminder that it is empowering to embrace your sexuality! It is good for your psyche to be you at your most bare and exposed self."



Miss A  said:

"I was afraid I would look awful in my photos, I'm a heavier girl and feared I'd look like a whale on camera. Absolutely not how my photos turned out at all Valerie knows where to pose you so your pictures are flattering.

 Valerie was so sweet and concerned about my epxerience right down to my hair and make up Valerie wants to ensure your pictures turn out amazing and you feel empowered after your photoshoot

I had no issues with my viewing or ordering because we did it all at once it was easy and Valerie works with payments which is great!

 I can't stop looking at them and all I do is smile when I see them!

Do it! Stop wondering what if or feeling like your look awful because you won't! It an amazing opportunity and experience

It's nerving at first but Valerie makes you so comfortable! Let Valerie do her work as you'll end with an amazing experience and photos

 If you want to feel sexy and you were ever thinking about doing a boudoir shoot stop wondering and just do it! You won't regret it

I feel more comfortable in my own skin! Hearing all of Valerie's excitement and seeing comments online from other women in the group is great. We as humans can be very critical but for everyone to point out your beauty and what they like about your photos is great

I did this for confidence but also for my husband as a gift he was totally surprised when he opened them. He had an instant smile and they told me how sexy I am! Definitely worth everything invested!"



Miss C said:

"I was very nervous and hesitant about the posing and the "insecurities" with certain parts of my body. She was very sensative and in tune with these concerns and with in a few clicks of the camera I was very comfortable. It was like being with an old friend.

The attention to detail and ability for Valerie to focus in on all the most beautiful parts and enhance them. Valerie is a true artist capturing the best lighting and poses and working with you to obtain the most gorgeous shots.

 I know you would be hesitant and nervous but within no time you will warm up. It's like being with a girl friend and just having fun and feeling good about yourself!"



Miss B said:

 "Valerie made me super comfortable and my pictures turned out awesome!

The hair and make-up was a bonus but we had fun during the photo shoot, we laughed a lot!

 Do it! It was a great experience and made me feel super sexy after having two children you kind of loose that."



Miss K said:

"My biggest fear was wearing almost nothing in front of a stranger but you made me feel completely comfortable and beautiful.

My favorite parts were having my hair & makeup done...the transformation was awesome. I also loved seeing the end product.

Simply the best! Valerie you did everything perfect, I wouldn't change a thing!"



Miss C  said:


"My biggest fear was being uncomfortable / nervous. But that fear went as soon as I walked in the door. The atmosphere was very inviting and Valerie makes you feel very comfortable.

 My favorite parts were looking at some of the images on the camera after taking a photo, I was amazed at how good I looked! Definitely a confidence booster!

I would definitely recommend you and I would say I had a wonderful experience! It was so much fun getting dolled up and Valerie is very professional and makes you feel comfortable! Honestly I thought everything was great!"


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