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Do you want to build your self confidence and start loving yourself in the skin you are in right now?


We occasionally send out email newsletters, because we know the whole idea of a boudoir session can be very intimidating to some women and we understand that you might like to get to know more about the process as well as tips and suggestions we have to help you rock your session when you do decide to schedule it.

We also know you only have this one life and this one body and you will never have this time in your life again. So, we want you to have all of the information

so you can make this time in your life the best it can be by helping you to see this experience can help you love yourself as well as build up your confidence! 

If you have any questions at any time please call us: 315-323-7347


This is also the best way to keep up with us in the event that Facebook decides to close down our group as it has done to some others.

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